October 2012

With a lack of photos in August and September we made sure we made up for it in October!  Starting with the roof – the other half of the semi-circular roof, moving onto the main house and finishing on the porch (in the rain).

The garden took centre stage, starting with yet more tree surgery now that the owls have fledged.

Elsewhere in the garden we were busy planting some new additions to the garden (albeit some didn’t like the cold weather), harvesting the few apples that reached decent size, admiring some unusual fungus, mowing the grass and, of course, burning the masses of garden waste.

Inside the house we were doing some decorating (well, that’s what Mike calls it anyway) in prepration for the heating system, investigating more possible rot outbreaks, admiring the ingenuity of bees, building the pellet store and finding some interesting attempts at plumbing!

We also managed to get one of the new chimneys onto the roof (after much huffing & puffing) and made full use of the excellent views!

Finally, here are some of the spectacular views we get to enjoy!

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