November 2012

Lots of exciting things happened this month.  The hugely overgrown Yew avenue got a much needed haircut (thanks Granny), allowing the garden and the house to get some light.  We finally managed to get running water into the kitchen sink in the Annex.  And, Tony managed to find some time to get his drains running.

The boilers were getting nearer to being ready and the water system took a lot of planning but we got there in the end:

Yet more action on the roof… it’s going to be a long time until it’s done…

Some shots from outside – clearing the drive of the thick weeds, getting the new drains running and starting the construction of a Ha Ha to protect us from livestock invasion!

And one of a crisp November day (a month that the temperature was -7 degrees outside and -4 inside!):

A lovely winter's morning

A lovely winter’s morning

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