February 2013

With the weather rapidly improving this month saw a big increase in activity.  Although the Yew avenue was cut all the way back in November we were still tidying up, meaning almost daily bonfires.

Other garden activity also started, unearthing the hidden path in the walled garden, finding out how far down the original cobbles had settled in the entrance and tidying some of the many piles of wood around the place.

Most excitingly for some, we finally managed to get the heating fully working.  With the pellet store all ready we took our first bulk delivery of wood pellets.

Inside the house we continued stripping out the old lath & plaster, finding yet more dry rot – yuk!  And a lot of rubble to dispose of as well – thank goodness for the trailer dolly!

The other two big jobs that were started this month were the window refurbishments, including getting ready for the new windows, and also chipping off the old cement render ready for the new lime harling.  First the windows:

And now for the render removal:

We also managed to do some of the roof and build up the fireplace in one of the outhouses – what a busy month and its only going to get busier!

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