March 2013

One of the main jobs this month, despite the cold weather, was removing the old cement render from the first elevation of the main house – a tedious but very necessary job.  Old buildings such as Hallyards were designed to breathe and cement render achieves exactly the opposite, trapping moisure in all of the wrong places.  At the end of April we will start harling with traditional materials – lime – restoring the building to how it was meant to be.

With many days too cold (and snowy) to work outside a lot of time was spent preparing the new openings in the kitchen for the new window and new french doors as well as replacing the rotten beams in the kitchen ceiling.  This included some ingenuity to manoeuvre the new window cill into position as well as making a “brick oven” to thaw out some bricks for Dave to use.  We also were tackling some more rotten timbers in the main hall and porch…

The window fitters from Listed Window Refurbishment in Glasgow made great progress, completing a number of the refurbishments and installing the first of the new windows, replacing the first of the many rotten ones.

Depsite the cold weather, at least some days were dry and free from snow allowing us to make some progress outside.  A lot of the felled timber was processed (thanks to Ian and Ali), more of the yew branches were cleared (thanks to Barbara and Alistair), Tony completed more of the ha ha (often in a blizzard) and Mum spent a weekend building a rose garden for Meg.

March also saw the best of the snowdrops which will magically turn into a carpet of bluebells next month…

Last but by no means least a sunny and crisp Easter weekend saw the small walled garden cleared with help from Jenny & David, Dad & Yvonne and Dayle.

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