April 2013

Preparing the first elevation for the new harling was top of the list this month.  This involved painstaking chipping off of the old cement harling, filling any large voids with lime mortar and small stones (so called ‘pinning out’), pointing the fine joints, removing the downpipes and digging a small trench around the wall to help drainage.

Another big job which took a huge step forward in April were the new openings in the back wall and also the new door into the courtyard (thanks David!).

Once again the garden came along leaps and bounds.  The second flower bed in the main walled garden was dug over in preparation for conversion into a herbaceous border, new metal gates were installed in place of the rotten wooden gate (thanks Mary!), further progress was made on the Ha Ha, the front flowerbed was weeded (again), mum ordered a lot of horse manure for the fruit trees (it better work!), Liam and Louise started chopping up all of the felled timber (a much bigger job than it looked!) and better late than never the daffodils brightened the place up.

Mike also succumbed to demands from the workers and invested in a quad bike and trailer to help with the huge amount of donkey work still to be done moving piles of rubble and earth (formerly known as a ‘Tony’ job).  Not that much serious moving got done during the weekend it arrived – too much fun to be had!

A number of other smaller jobs were also worked on – capping chimneys, clearing and relaying the clay pipes to form a bridge (just before the flooding swept through) and, of course, a compulsory bonfire (complete with the last sit on the old sofa).

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the harlers from Masonry & Lime started the painstaking task of renewing the harling (with a little bit of help from Tony & Mike).

And last, but by no means least, a few photos to finish this month’s entry…

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