July 2013

One of the main tasks over the summer – making full use of the better weather – is to try and get as much of the harling done as possible.  Lime washing of the first two elevations kept Tony busy, whilst Mike concentrated on removing render from the side wall.  We also erected the scaffold at the back of the annex and started pinning out the stables.

A visit from Paul ensured that the small walled garden recieved some attention, as well as further progress on the path and the yew avenue.

The Lady of the House also chipped in despite junior trying his best to slow her down!

The garden decided to have a growth spurt this month.  Pictures below show the herbaceous border, the ‘wild’ flower garden,  the roses and much more!

We also made good progress on the building work, with more roof work completed (almost there, honest!), the properties finally divided, rotten lintels replaced and the fireplace reinstated in the main hall.

With the good weather we also managed to clear more of the Yew Avenue, Tony made a start on reapiring the walled garden walls and Dave completed an urgent repair on the bridge.

And here is a photo taken from the road leading up the valley:

Hallyards from the road - 07072013

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