December 2013

The main job in December was to dismantle the original but very rotten MacKenzie & Moncur glasshouse.  With Sue having cleared around the glasshouse last month, we had to remove the glass in between the storms to give Simon & his crew from the Victorian Glasshouse Company (see here) a fighting chance of getting the structure down without incident.  With this done and the rotten timber burned the race is now on to rebuild the crumbling walls ready for the new structure in April.  The garden looks quite sad without it’s glasshouse!

Other jobs including more limewashing, getting the foundations ready for the summer house and processing what seems to be an endless amount of timber.

And right at the end of the month, Jenny & David were invaluable as we borrowed Robert’s digger to help with some of the heavy ‘Tony’ jobs.  You’ll have to wait until next month for the full outcome…

And finally, a spectacular shot of the house and a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from us all!

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