May 2014

May was by far the busiest month Hallyards has ever seen with an army of (mainly willing) volunteers co-opted by Mike all working tirelessly to get everything looking wonderful for Mike and Meg’s garden wedding at the end of the month.  The jobs list was enormous and the photos below barely scratch the surface in showing what was achieved.  Next month we’ll make sure that all of the completed jobs are properly captured and sorry to those that helped but managed to escape the camera!

Limewashing continued apace, with Tony finishing the rear elevation (which on a sunny day now requires sunglasses if one is to look at it), the stables, adding a final coat to the porch and the bow fronted room and also managing to squeeze some time in to finish the yew avenue wall.  We even managed to drop the scaffold, showing the house for the first time in over a year without a mess of scaffolding in the way.

The glasshouse took a huge step towards completion, with Simon returning to finish the glazing and to install the metalwork.  Just a few bits and bobs to finish which will be done over the summer.  We also managed to get one side of the staging in, made from old cask wood (thanks Dad!)

A significant amount of work went into improving the back patio area, including the flower beds.  A quick investigation revealed the steps leading to the lawn were in need of a complete rebuild – Tony to the rescue – and with Jenny providing a full bed of alpine plants (as well as a few from Granny) the transformation of the flower bed in front of the new kitchen was complete.

Another vast job was getting the driveways looking spick & span.  Lots of preparation getting the ground ready (including a massive amount of weeding – Jenny did wonders!) as well as moving tonnes of building materials ahead of spreading 36 tonnes of gravel (special thanks to Lesley, Steve & Von and Robert).  We also had to complete the new driveway to the tennis court (something that would not have got done if it were not for the help of our friendly neighbour Robert) and put in the gate posts and hang the new gate.


A lot of painting was also underway – the driveway gates, the garden gates, seemingly endless amounts of downpipes and also the house sign.

The Yew avenue got a lot of a tidy up thanks to Paul, Dayle and Anne.

And Paul spent the best part of the week perfecting his path…

The summerhouse took a definite step in the right direction although Mike ran out of time to finish the glazing.

Lots of other jobs were carried out as well – Tony spent hours strimming, Sue spent hours weeding, the flower garden received a last minute makeover (thanks to Mum, Marina & Jenny), the glasshouse was transformed (thanks to Granny & Maggie), the rex room doorway made into an art installation (Colin & Marina), the stable doors stripped to reveal the lovely timber (Mum & Alan helped finish the last one), the patio area finished (mainly Tony and bit of Mike), the annex corridor ceiling finished (Mike & David), the teak garden furniture repaired (Colin)… the list is almost endless and not all have photos to match!

And just look at how the garden has been transformed… including some shots of the bluebells in the woods…

And now time for a rest before the remainder of the harling is tackled along with new floors in the main house… phew!

Caleb sleeping - 11052014

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