June 2014

As promised in last month’s post here are some of the things that unfortunately managed to avoid the camera to appear on time – the false door on rex, the summer house with an almost complete front, the path by the seating area, the entrance to the Walled Garden, the back patio, the flower garden and a photo showing the full glory of the freshly limewashed rear elevation.

The main progress this month was in the garden.  Some ‘spare’ time saw the first tomato plants to grace the new glasshouse, a small veggie patch be established in the small walled garden and lots of weeding of the borders and new hedge.  Lots of plants bloomed into life – foxgloves and poppies are particular favourites.  And it looks like it will be another good year for our fruit trees – apples, plums and greengauges.

The roses also were keen to show off:

And we had time to build Caleb’s swing (thanks to Uncle Ben & Uncle Andy!)

Swing set - 21062014 View of summer house & swings - 29062014

Finally, no month would be complete without at least some building work to talk about, and it’s more harling I’m afraid.  With half of the house with a new finish, it is now a mad dash to get the other half prepared before Hans et al from Masonry & Lime come down in September to apply the top coat.

And one for the album:

Back lawn - 21062014

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