March 2015

Activity was in full swing this month, despite a lengthy absence from the owners (ahem!)  After dismantling the potting shed last month, up shot the beautiful brickwork ahead of the windows and door frames arriving from the Victorian Glasshouse Company…

And Dave even managed to find some time to start on the leadwork – time has taken its toll on much of the stonework, allowing far too much water into the walls.  The lead will give the building the protection that is much needed…

The other big building job this month was the continued excavation of the floors in the main house ahead of laying the limecrete slab in mid-April.  This involved digging up and barrowing out around 40 tonnes of material, lifting the timber floors (more rot hiding here so a good job that we did) and finding somewhere to store all of the building materials (even in the glasshouse)!

Highlights here included finding the cherry tree roots, an old clay pipe and some long forgotten tools!

Another removal job was the Rayburn – all 300kg of it made its way up to the Glasshouse, ready to be plumbed into the potting shed.

The garden has also started to come to life with a lot of hard work from Mum.  A monumental amount of weeding has brought the Alpine garden back to life, the first daffodils appeared, the roses are starting to bud and there was further planting of our hedge (thanks to Jenny for the roses!)  We also made a start in the glasshouse, preparing seed trays, planted up the strawberries (which the rabbits and hares immediately took a liking to) and enjoyed the last of the snowdrops.  And – wait for it – we finally got on top of the invading army of moles!

And last but not least, the new worker got well and truly stuck in.


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