April 2015

Aside from the 3 year anniversary of receiving the keys, April marked a huge step forward for the project.  Instead of ripping more and more out of the property we finally started to put things back in, starting with the floors in the main house.  With a lot of the prep work completed in previous months, we had a couple of weeks to finalise the excavations, sort out the numerous complications and start laying the insulating material ahead of Grandish Designs arriving to actually lay the floors.  We are using the Sublime system from Ty Mawr, for those that are interested.  So, first up the final excavations:

Followed by preparing the drains for our cloakroom:

Next we had to lay the geotextile fabric and lay the 29 bulk bags of ‘Glapor’ (foamed recycled glass) which will provide our insulating layer.

Mike was also busy getting the store ready for our underfloor heating manifold, which is much more exciting than it looks as it becomes the first ‘room’ with new walls!

And then for the really exciting bit… Grandish Designs (see here) arrived on cue to lay the limecrete slab.  After compacting the Glapor, a further layer of geotextile is laid, followed by the geogrid.  This is used to secure our underfloor heating pipes using a combination of clip rails and cable ties.  Then a lot of mixing (7 tonnes per day), a lot of barrowing and a lot of levelling!  Neil, Ross & Matt worked tirelessly – thanks guys!

Despite the floor being a huge undertaking this wasn’t all that was going on.  Mike had time to continue repairing the beams in the main house:

The rebuild of the potting shed continued, with Simon from the Victorian Glasshouse Company making the window sections in his workshop in Sussex (as well as some blinds for the glasshouse – it is already reaching over 50 degrees and summer isn’t here yet!) and Mike repairing the roof beams.

More window pointing was completed thanks to Benny and Adam from Masonry & Lime:

And progress in the garden kept up as well.  First up, some photos of the alpine garden, complete with new dry stone wall at the front.

And then more ‘Tony’ work to prepare the way for the flower bed by the new garden entrance to be rebuilt (complete with monumental temporary stone pile):

The back corner by the Glasshouse is almost fully dug over (thanks mainly to Tony) with the Strawberries and Raspberries looking very healthy:

The flower garden received a new ‘welcome mat’ in the form of a pebble mosaic just as the plants start to awaken from their slumber:

Progress in taming the small walled garden continued:

And, in no particular order, the grass had its first cut of the year, much time was spent weeding the borders (thanks Mum), the strimmer was roused from its hibernation, more progress was made on the ha ha, the annual delivery of manure for the fruit trees yet again coincided with a visit from Paul (who then demanded another bonfire) and the daffodils added some welcome colour.

A busy month all in all!

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