May 2015

May is the month that the garden really starts to come alive.  The borders start to grow back (as do the weeds), the glasshouse starts to heat up, the blossom appears on the trees and the lawn starts getting used to a regular bout of housekeeping!  Starting with the walled garden:

And not forgetting the fabulous borders:

The gardens are also becoming really productive with the expanded veggie patch in the small walled garden and the fruit garden in the top corner of the main walled garden taking shape:

The glasshouse, despite being a little bit cluttered ahead of the rebuild of the potting shed, is also doing us proud:

And it looks like we may be lucky with another good apple crop:

Aside from a lot of gardening there was also progress on the limewashing and window pointing (included the long-awaited removal of the scaffold above the porch):

And Mike managed to get the new floor laid in the tank room in the main house as well as running some of the pipework in:

And to finish the entry for May, here are some photos of the bluebells in the woods and a picture of the blossom on the tree at the front of the house.

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