June 2015

Well, June was almost a perfect month for all things green.  Despite an unseasonal storm towards the start of the month (the damage confined to a loss of a large beech branch and most of our fruit blossom… hmmpf), lots of rain followed by lots of sun and a spike in temperatures saw the garden put on a real growth spurt.  Much of the work this month was trying to keep on top of the weeding – not a very photogenic activity but very worthwhile – here’s is how things look, first in the main walled garden:

The glasshouse has also come into its own, despite a few 50 degree plus days:

And the Small Walled Garden is starting to really look the part, chickens and all!

Wrapping up the garden shots are a couple of the hedge, one of the many house martin nests, some of the colour at the front and side of the house and some of the rose garden by the front door.

Before looking at the jobs completed outside, here’s an update on what’s happening inside.  With the floors drying out nicely we’ve been spending our time rearranging the furniture (quite literally), sorting out what should be kept and what should be thrown, cutting out yet more dry rot (over 3 years on!) and stripping out rooms ready for plastering. The photos below show the library (complete with lovely rot and original wallpaper), the removal of the cloakroom ceiling, the kitchen walls being exposed and the progress in the spare room upstairs and the en suite.  Note that the original bath had to be wheeled out on old garden rollers!

And the better weather saw lots of outside jobs done too, in addition to the constant limewashing (which we have stopped photographing!)  The new gate was installed in a thus far vain attempt to protect the garden from the rabbits and hares, more timber was processed (fallen branch still a WIP), the pipework by the potting shed was exposed in a hope that we may find some clues about how the original water supply works, and a weekend from Paul saw much manure shifted and many hours spend on hands and knees tending to his paths!  Tony also took the innovation prize for his pallet recycling to make a gate and out of the small walled garden emerged a metalworking prize.   Onwards and upwards!

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