July 2015

Not much of a summer to speak of thus far but that hasn’t stopped the garden!  The glasshouse is earning its keep, the courgettes are flourishing, the rescued raspberries are spectacularly successful, and even the strawberries look happy… the only problems have been the rabbits and weeds (many hours of mum’s time lost to keeping the latter at bay)!

Simon returned to install the much needed blinds for the glasshouse and also get the potting shed restoration underway (more next month).

And ahead of the commemorative plaque unveiling (see below) Tony had a lot of limewashing to do, drains to dig and land drain to lay!  Few photos but a lot of hard work, I promise you!

The aforementioned commemorative plaque was installed by Historic Scotland to recognise the link between the house and Professor Adam Ferguson which was then followed by a small gathering to celebrate its unveiling.  We even managed to convince Professor Jack Hill, a leading authority on Ferguson, to make a detour during his European trip to say a few words and unveil the plaque.  Thank you Jack!  For further details on Adam Ferguson, one of the fathers of moral philosophy, please see the history link here.

We also had a much valued visit from Howard to help tame the jungle that was once the yew avenue.  We might even have to rename it Howard’s Way!

Finally, if all that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we also welcomed the newest addition to our family, Baby Emilia:

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