September 2015

Let’s start with progress in the Small Walled Garden.  The potting shed is now almost complete with a fully slated roof, and during a spell of good weather the plum trees received a brutal, but necessary, pruning.  Another shed appeared to assist with the continuing storage shortages, Tony knocked up a wood store in preparation for the processing of the plum branches (which immediately was used as an escape route by the chickens) and the veggie patch has been a huge success in the first year of its operation.  We also found a gooseberry bush that had seeded half way up the garden wall!

Continuing in the gardens, here are a few shots showing the splendid work mum has been doing:  the alpine garden, the herbaceous border, the Lady’s Mantle tidied for winter, the nursery bed, the hedge and also a shot of the mountains of grass cuttings from the lawn!

Before moving inside, it almost goes without saying that limewashing was once again on the agenda… we surely must be finished soon!!

limewashing courtyard - 05092015

Turning to the internal works, there have been some exciting developments to relay.  Our electrician, Nick Silk, has been running the new cabling for the various circuits – lighting, sockets, thermostats and fire alarms – whilst Mike has been starting the process of installing socket boxes.

Structural work has virtually been completed (at last!)  with the beam installed in the cloakroom, the pantry arch finished and the doorway in the large spare room now ready for the frame.  The structural beams in the drawing room were also completed, and work now is focused on getting ready for the plasterers due in November.

Mike has also snapped and brought in some joiners.  Stephen and Iain from Atina Developments have been judged careful and perfectionist enough for Mike to work with and a couple of weeks saw ceilings up in both the kitchen and the round room and some of the beautiful profiles fitted around the windows.

And last but not least, Tony managed to acquire a second Allen Motor Scythe (thanks to Lady Hepburn from Kailzie).  One step nearer to getting our own one fully functional!

Allen Scythe 2 - 03092015 - TC

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