October 2015

The main job this month was to get ready for the 1st visit from the plasterers in mid November.  This involved ceilings going up, grounds going on, rounded corner beadings being fixed in place, walls being pointed, walls being built out, socket boxes being positioned, rot being treated, old plaster being removed and lots more.  Once again a team effort but one that would have fallen far short if it were not for the help from Steven and Iain from Atina Developments.

Whilst stripping out some of the old plaster, Tony also uncovered a handwritten note in pencil from the decorator dating back to the 1890s!

Decorators name - 13102015 - TC

Another big job that finally was completed, despite the odd set back here and there, was the installation of the main hot water tank in the main house and the commissioning of the underfloor heating system.  A lot more work than it looked but now everyone can work in something approaching comfort, although it will have to be switched off when the plasterers arrive to avoid the lime plaster drying out too fast.

We also managed to find time to sort out the hall chimney.  What we thought was a minor job of capping with a new cowl turned into something more substantial as the chimney pot turned out to be loose!

The gardens continue to provide a healthy stream of work, although we are finally getting something of a rest from the monstrous weeds as autumn turns to winter…  Photos below show the progress in the flower garden, some of the carrots and tomatoes we are feasting on, the glasshouse blinds safely stored ahead of the winter and Paul tending to both his path and the front of the stables.

The recently acquired Allen motor scythe was also stripped down for spares.

And last but not least, here are a few shots of the gardens including the hydrangeas in the entrance to the walled garden – successfully flowing a year and a half on from our wedding.

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