January 2016

The weather took most of the headlines this month with yet more flooding and then snow following close behind.  The floods have caused a good deal of damage to fences across the valley and ours were unfortunately also in the firing line, having to contend with a huge amount of debris washed downstream.  We also had some walls to repair and some clearing of the streams…


The snow, however, is a rather more enjoyable experience:

We even managed to get some work done, clearing the small walled garden after pruning the plum trees earlier in the year:

In spite of the weather, progress in the garden continued with lots of weeding in the borders and prep in the veg patch in the small walled garden.

Other outside jobs included Tony rebuilding the stone retaining wall for the flower bed next to the kitchen, putting the downpipe back on at the front of the house (finally) and a spot of window cleaning (thanks swallows!)

And then there were a few unwanted guests to sort out…

Mike also managed to get a reasonable amount done inside as well.  Lots of work preparing the 1st floor beams and running in electrics and plumbing.

And last but not least, a spot of roof maintenance gave Mike the chance to take these photos:

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