February 2016

Lots of progress this month thanks to (slightly) better weather and gearing up for the return of our joiners, Stephen & Iain from Atina Developments.  Preparations inside focused on the 1st fix for plumbing and electrics, insulating between joists in the upstairs corridor, removing damaged ceilings and removing yet more rot from the porch.

Progress outside was perhaps a little more visually impressive.  First, the clear out of the glasshouse ready for the new season:

Then there was a huge amount of work clearing some of the fallen trees in the woods, processing the rest of the plum trees and getting the small walled garden ready for the spring and summer.

Signs that the garden survived one of the wettest winters on record are already with us:

And then Tony worked his magic in rebuilding the wall by the yew avenue and extending the Ha Ha (which has been a huge success keeping livestock and flood water at bay).

And as if that all wasn’t enough, one of the boilers started misbehaving again – cue lots of testing!

Temp pellet hopper - 24022016

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