April 2016

Another month of busy prep ahead of the plasterers from Masonry & Lime returning at the start of May to finish as much of the lime plastering as possible.  The base coats of lime applied by Tony and Logan last month are progressing nicely:

Then there were ceilings to complete in the porch and the upstairs corridor:

And sockets to install in the downstairs room, with a little help from Caleb:

More beads were also required and the joiners finished installing the ‘wood wool board’ wall in the library:

Speaking of joiners, a couple of photos to show where they got up to on the floor in the upstairs round room:

Mike spent a busy and complicated day forming the archway at the top of the main stairs, trying to match the original shape from photos as much as possible.  This also included a unique water management system utilising some 100 year old lead given that stopping the leak through the chimney stack is still a WIP:

The garden is also starting to spring into life:

Although not helped by some late snow!


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