May 2016

Let’s start with the garden this month.  It’s a real sign that the weather is turning when the daffodils and bluebells come out and when the house martins turn up you know summer is just around the corner.

The alpine garden has been a spectacular success, providing lots of colour just by our kitchen.

And the blossom this year from the cherry trees and fruit trees didn’t disappoint either. Even the new pear and apple trees put on a really good display.

Moving onto the borders, which are starting to fill out with colour.

Once again the glasshouse is being very productive – even a self-seeded foxglove is thriving!  Note Caleb’s tomatoes growing strongly and our grape vines actually have grapes on them (albeit almost microscopic ones!)

The workers have spent many an hour toiling away in the top corner of garden, digging up the mass of weeds and ensuring our strawberry and raspberry patches are in good order.

Ands then there is the progress in the small walled garden which is almost unrecognisable from when we first chopped our way through the weeds.  Lots of tatty planting this month!

Lots more going on in the garden too.  Too much to list here so some photos will have to suffice!

Mike also spotted a good deal on a few slates (well, 1,200 if truth be told) so sent his Mum and Tony to collect… one scratched landie and a flat tyre later…

The main activity inside this month centred around more plastering.  First the prep work:

Then came the main event this month – the plastering!

And finally, a few photos to finish.  First the last picture of the specimen tree before it lost one of the main branches:Specimen tree - 07052016

Next, one of Caleb after planting all of those potatoes:

caleb asleep - May 2016 - SH

And finally one of the newest addition to the workforce, all ready in her overalls.

Emilia in a boiler suit 1 - May 2016 - SH



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