June 2016

Yet another exciting month (would I say anything else?!?)

In the garden the borders are exploding with colour and the glasshouse and vegetable patch are promising to be very productive.  Progress inside is also good, with the first ceiling with reinstated cornice up, more prep work completed ahead of more lime plastering and the start of the bathroom floors underway.

So, first up, the herbaceous border:

And then the Rhododendron bed (spot the hard working gardener if you can!)

Now moving to the ‘grow your own’ section:  spot grapes, strawberries, runner beans, tomatoes, lettuces, potatoes – in fact too much to list!

And here is a last set on the garden, covering lots of different areas.  The flower garden is coming back strongly despite being left largely to its own devices – the red hot poker being first to flower.  The roses are once again putting on a fabulous display – at the front of the house, in the rose garden and by the glass house.  The iris are spectacular again, really enjoying their sunny position by Rex room, and the lavender walk has been a real success.  Of course, keeping everything looking so good takes a lot of weeding with a constant battle at this time of year to prevent them taking over (we had to unearth the newly planted willow trees during the month!)  We also sadly lost one of the original apple trees so intend to replace this in due course with a similar crab apple.

Turning our attention inside, progress is looking good.  There has been more prep work completed ahead of yet more lime plastering – spot the splendidly neat laths in the round room and one of the upstairs bedrooms.  This has then received the first couple of coats of lime plaster (after removing a wasp’s nest from the mixer!).  Upstairs, the initial stages of reinstating the bathroom floors are underway (with a little help from some very placid bees) and the frame separating the corridor has been relined with new plasterboard.  We also managed to snaffle another batch of reclaimed flooring, this time from Broughton School in Edinburgh.

And last, but by no means least, the new ceiling in the downstairs corridor has been plastered complete with reinstated cornice work.  Thanks to Adrian from AM Plastering for such a fantastic (and tidy!) job.  Only another 10 ceilings to go…

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