September 2016

Another big hit of plastering this month, completing everything prepared to date and leaving us with very nearly a fully plastered ground floor (as well as a few nearly finished rooms upstairs as well).

The lime plastering seems an endless task, certainly relative to the new-fangled gypsum stuff!  Here there are lots of odds and ends snagged, including the corners in two of the upstairs bedrooms, a start on the utility room, the pantry, the back stairs as well as a lot more.

Mike was working on fitting a new doorway in one of the bedrooms, running more pipework and wiring (and finding an old hammer head), and making sure the floors were all in good order (including making some inspection hatches) ahead of the floor sanding guys arriving.

And then possibly the most exciting development this month, the floor sanding!  Steve from SF Flooring took just a week to do 5 rooms with minimal dust!

Not all went smoothly this month, however.  The lime plastering in the back stairs revealed just how damp the floor really is.  Cue more excavation which will be completed next month…

Mum also managed to find some time in between gardening (see next) to do some decorating.

And then the final batch of photos is from the garden.  A monster amount of work to keep it looking this good – thanks mainly to Mum!  And just look at how healthy the fruit trees and veggie patch are!

And two unrelated pictures to leave you with.  One of an iron-warming stove in the National Museum up in Edinburgh.  This is an exact match to the stove we removed from the potting shed many months ago and has led to speculation that it must originally have been from a laundry in the house (but which room?)  The second shows the monumental amount of building materials now in the drawing room – all cleared from those rooms having their floors sanded.  We are getting through them though, I promise!

See you in October for a gentler update!


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