January 2017

Welcome to our official move in year all!  With the kids starting nursery in August the pressure is on.  As such, things will start moving at a rather quicker pace from here, assisted by a large number of joiners, electricians, plumbers, plasterers and decorators…  Having said that, we start off 2017 with a relatively tame update as all of the above begin in earnest next month.

First up is all of the prep work to allow the joiners to get in.  The master bedroom finally gets some sockets and light switches:

Quickly followed by the Walter Scott bedroom, which also benefitted from the pipework being laid for the heating.

Our electrician, Nick, managed to give us a day to get the lighting circuits up and running.

And Mike started laying the floors in the upstairs corridor:

We had a very heavy slate water tank to dismantle and move – how this was ever installed is a mystery to us all.  We had to cut the base in half just to shift it given how heavy it is.

Mike finally had a smashing time sorting through the original sanitary-ware, chucking out anything that was beyond salvage.

And there was even progress in the small walled garden with a summer house erected – yet another salvage project coming good.

And all this achieved despite the snow and wind, which sadly broke another support off our trampoline as well as dislodging several slates!

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