February 2017

As promised last month, there has been a lot of progress to report with over 200 photos to sort through.  It is difficult to know where to start…  We’ve had joiners (Steven, Ian, Mike & Aiden), plasterers (Adrian & Sean), decorators (Eddie & Scott), plumbers (Craig), electricians (Chris)…

Room by room, here we go…First up, the children’s bedroom:

And then here is the new master bedroom, with the en suite also starting to take shape.  Note the radiators are finally going in (a full two years after being acquired!) thanks to Craig from Plumbology:

Possibly the most exciting progress this month (well for me, at least) has been progress in the big round room upstairs (and just wait until you see it all plastered in next month’s update!)  Formerly the master bedroom, this is now going to be a monster playroom for Caleb & Emilia, although I have to admit that I do quite fancy it for myself…  billiards anyone?

Floors have now almost been fully laid in the upstairs corridor and the woodwork is coming on nicely in the downstairs one.

The so-called Walter Scott room is also coming together nicely (apparently it was the room he stayed in when visiting Prof Adam Ferguson – no interesting finds thus far, however!)

The main hall also took a massive leap towards completion with doors, skirting and architraves all being completed.  The panelling was also mocked up for approval.

Then there was progress in the back stairs:

And the skirtings & facings in the kitchen (as well a quick decision to replace the kitchen door):

The main family bathroom has also taken a step forward with the ceiling now up.

And then the plumbing is really coming along with Craig having to pick up where Mike left off.  Radiator circuits, underfloor heating loops, domestic hot water, 2 domestic cold waters, bathrooms, utility room, water softeners… and of course making sure the original bath can still be used…  It’s all a bit complicated really…

We even managed to get some stuff done outside, despite some snow – Tony was moving stone and repointing windows (and of course burning a lot of rubbish!)

And lastly, would any month be complete without yet more dry rot to deal with…

DRy rot in upstairs bedroom - 26022017

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