March 2017

Another phenomenally busy month, with everything coming together pretty nicely.  Here’s a quick run around the main house, starting with the large upstairs round room which now actually looks like a room again!

After the complexity of this room, the rest are like child’s play.  Staying upstairs, here is the progress in the Walter Scott bedroom, where it is now papered with lining paper:

Then further progress in the children’s room and the master bedroom, where dado rails and radiators have been installed:

The back stairs and upstairs corridor are coming together, with more plastering and floor boards down:

The bathrooms are starting to really take shape with most of the first fix plumbing now in.

As well as the plumbing in the bathrooms, there has been work in the 1st floor ‘tank room’, more work on radiators (including temporary supports), installing the stand alone UFH zone and of course someone had to be on hand to wire it all up – meet Chris! (and apologies for the photo…)

The main hall has taken another leap forward with Eddie finishing the lining paper and Steven & Iain fitting the first of the panels:

Elsewhere on the ground floor, both the library and sitting room are just needing the final decoration, with dado rails now fitted:

Mike started thinking about reassembling the fireplace in the Kitchen but immediately had to down tools as the grate was damaged beyond repair.  In a remarkably lucky turn of events an exact match was being sold on Ebay. What are the chances??

As always there were some things that didn’t go quite so well.  The rot found last month has at least been dealt with, but the longstanding leak at the top of the main stairs is back…  grrr…

Outside the garden was starting to come to life.  Cue tree pruning, stone moving, soil shifting, lots of weeding… and of course a bit of time to enjoy the better weather and the first of this year’s colour.  Special mention to Logan who mastered the art of digging in his latest week long stint with us…

And finally, a real find.  Tucked away in a cupboard in the top floor of the house we found a dated picture of a country house.  Not entirely dissimilar to Hallyards, but enough differences to suggest either a vivid imagination or, sadly, that this is of another splendid house…  Anyway, the date?  1877.

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