April 2017

April marks the 5 year anniversary of buying Hallyards and the 2 year anniversary of the proper internal works on the ‘big house’.   Just have a look back at April 2015 to see how far we have come…  It really is getting quite close now – I promise!

Let’s start with the playroom, where there has been a lot of prep work to shutters, floors, woodwork and the fireplace.


The bathrooms have really come on, with floors taking shape, a lot of plumbing work completed, walls framed out and plastering galore.  The 147kg cast iron bath for the en suite also was delivered…

There was also a hive of activity from the joiners, doing all of the architraves, facings, panelling, dado rails, window cills – in fact, you name it, and they were working on it…

Turning to the gardens there was a huge amount of progress just as everything really started to grow again.  A hard week from mum & Logan saw the top corner transformed into our fruit garden (with a little bit of help from Emilia) and then there were hours of planting up seeds (a job our resident invalid could cope with) and weeding.  On top of this we identified some trees needing some attention (cue a visit from Grant later in the year), the blossom on the fruit trees was once again magnificent, the blinds had to be put back on the glasshouse, the summerhouse was finally made watertight with a new roof and the vegetable patch in the small walled garden was readied for a busy time ahead.  Oh – and it was grass cutting time of year again!

We also started laying out the tiles for the Victorian floor in the porch (thanks to Aisling):

Floors - tiling porch - 16042017

We sent the old slate from the original water tank away for polishing so that we can transform it into our kitchen worktops (thanks to Steven for the contact here):

And two pictures to leave you with – one of the sunshine and another of some metal banding found in an old trunk in the roof of the stables.  We have no idea what this is, so answers on a postcard please (or, more simply, via email).



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