May 2017

Racing along now…  suddenly it looks like a house again!  Over 200 photos this month given how much is going on.  In no particular order, lets start in the bedrooms where we have gone bold in the master bedroom and a little subtler in the kids’ room.

Moving onto the bathroom and en suite, where the floor tiles are going down (around the 400kg original bath in the case of the main bathroom).

The original bath has been a tricky one…  nothing is standard and everything needs overhauling.  It took a modified socket and wrench to remove the waste followed by some careful & ingenious repair work – see before and after below!

The cloakroom is going to be the last room to be completed as this is where all of the services come through, but progress nonetheless with cables run, an extra lintel installed, the floor laid and the dividing door back in.

Eddie (& Scott) has been working wonders on the decorating.  Aside from what is already shown above the sitting room is now finished, colour schemes are being finalised for the hall & corridors and Mike’s study and the papering is largely complete downstairs… phew!

Steve from SF Flooring returned to sand the upstairs rooms, including a couple of staircases… hard work but both have come up really well!

Other developments inside have included the arrival of our fridge freezer (for the colour scheme, you understand), dado rails in Mike’s study and the Walter Scott room, more work to the stud wall in the Walter Scott room, work to the windows in the round room  and a new hearth in the playroom.

No month would be complete without an obligatory leak.  Cue more scaffold and bad language.  On the plus side, I knew those old baking trays would come in handy somewhere!

Let’s move outside now and start with this month’s main project for Logan – the flower garden.  At least he brought some good weather with him!

Whilst the drone was out we decided to complete a quick survey of our many chimneys.  What a useful toy that has proven to be!

The glasshouse is coming into its own again with the seedlings doing well:

And the small walled garden is almost ready for when they get planted out:

And then here is a catch up from elsewhere around the grounds, from the rhododendrons starting to show, to the bluebell woods, to a quadruple-dug flower bed, to the apple blossom and much more besides:

And finally, some photos that will hopefully bring a smile to some faces.  Starting with one for Ian – yes he really did board up the key to his hiding place for his tools:

Is there a key behind here - 07052017

And one now for Logan, sporting the latest fashion to hit the Borders:

Logan's kilt - 11052017

Then one of Caleb putting the finishing touches to the lawn:

Caleb cutting grass - 05052017

And finally, one pair of our seasonal visitors wondering when their peace and quiet might return…

Birds on the line - 07052017



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