June 2017

Progress continues to be swift thanks to input from a lot of people!  The floors were one of the big jobs this month with more of the upstairs now fully sanded and sealed and the downstairs stone floors getting a little bit of TLC from Joseph at Stonetech.

Following the floor polishing we could then get to work preparing for the kitchen, including moving the massive slabs of slate from the original watertank outside ready to be sent off to be made into our worktops.

The Walter Scott room is now just about complete thanks to a lot of hard work from Steven & Iain and Eddie & Scott.

More work has been going into the future playroom, round room and halls.  Lots of panelling, mouldings and decorating…

Eddie has worked his magic in another couple of the rooms, with Mike’s study and the kids’ room now fully decorated:

And the bathrooms are coming on in leaps and bounds:

We were also busy sorting furniture – including having to take a window out to move the big wardrobe – and making some preparations in the utility room and tackling the leak at the top of the stairs…

Moving outside, another visit from Logan saw the side of the house by the yew avenue take shape (with a little help from Tony):

Elsewhere outside there was just too much going on.  The garden is looking fabulous once more.  Grant, our friendly tree surgeon, returned to take care of some of the dangerous trees.  The flower garden has taken another leap forward and the roses that will be the centrepiece have arrived.  Copious amounts of weeding and strimming are underway.  The glasshouse is busy once again and the veggie patch is enjoying being neat and tidy whilst it can.  And we have some resident hedgehogs who seem to think they own the place!


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