July 2017

A long overdue update from July.  With over 200 photos to process and a very hectic second half of 2017, including finally moving in(!), this update has been on the back burner for some time – Apologies!

We’ll start with the kitchen where we pick up with Ian & Steven fitting the new units, creating the island from Mike’s Ebay find and installing the slate worktops (which were made from the original water tank).  Craig was on hand to connect our many taps (!) and Willie added the finishing touch behind the cooker with our chosen tiles.  Mike also managed to lay the hearth for the open fire as well.

Upstairs work continued apace on the bathrooms with both the main family bathroom and the en suite progressing well.

The master bedroom even started to look less like a junk yard and more like a room.  Which was just as well as the new bed and mattress arrived!

Next up the playroom, where we have gone for a modern and fun take on the original wallpaper.

More progress on the back stairs, with the original pitch pine staircase showing its true beauty, and Eddie working away on the decorating in the corridors despite many interruptions from family and trades alike.

As ever with this project, it wasn’t all plain sailing.  The arch at the top of the stairs introduced a number of complications and the leak took some ingenuity to fix…

On a happier note we do have some rooms complete.  The sitting room with its exciting yellow wallpaper and the kid’s bedroom in a peaceful blue/grey.  We also rolled out the red carpet for Emilia’s party, although the round room is still a while away from being done…

The porch was being prepped for the mosaic floor, with Gaetano from GD Tiling laying the screed and Tony spending the best part of a full working week cleaning and arranging the tiles.  Ian & Steven also managed to make a start on the woodwork.

The last pictures from inside come from the last room to be tackled – the utility-cum-shower room.  This room is always going to lag behind given the sheer number of services and pipework that pass through it.  That said, we managed to cram plumbers, joiners, and plasterers in as well as Mike laying the screed for the shower tray complete with unwelcome guest (which was saved, before anyone asks!)

Turning to outside, we made the huge decision to dig up the courtyard.  The concrete floor was forcing water into the walls of the house causing rising damp and mould growth on the new skirting boards.  Logan and Tony (with a little bit of ‘help’ from Caleb) had the pleasure of the back breaking job of cutting up the 4″ concrete and barrowing it away, before laying new drains and backfilling with gravel.  We are very glad to say that within a couple of days the damp receded – success!

Elsewhere outside, the gardens were in full growth mode with the glasshouse once again being very productive (including our first bunches of grapes).  We also took another delivery of gravel – 80 tonnes and counting…

And last but not least, a couple of photos for the album, as they say…

Mia walking her dolls - 15072017

Mist on teh hills - 23072017

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