September 2017

Now we have moved in this will be the last monthly update for a while…  2018 should return to being a hive of activity, however the main house is now very much liveable and we won’t be tackling the same scale of work again (sad, I know).  Don’t worry, quarterly updates will be the new norm starting with one for October-December to be uploaded early in the New Year.

The main work this month was finishing off the porch floor and completing the woodwork.  We used the original quarry tiles, salvaged from the main hall floor to lay the edging on a bed of lime mortar to ensure we retained a breathable floor.

There was more finishing to do in the kitchen – around the fireplace and some skirtings:

The utility-cum-shower-room staggered closer to something of a working room.

Mike even managed to find some time to put up the outside lights, including the original one on the porch.

One of the main jobs (and one where we have very few photos) was decorating with Eddie and Scott making a fabulous job of the corridors, amongst other things:

Outside progress continued on the annexe wall and the lean-to for the lawn tractor, and the rex room doorway was blocked up following a change of plans:

Finally, a splendid gift from family of a pruning ladder was a highlight this month, enabling us to harvest the monster plum crop with ease:

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