October – December 2017

Despite moving in a couple of months ago, there has been plenty to do!  Photos have dried up somewhat as Mike has handed over much of the finishing to Eddie and Scott, our decorators, who have had the enviable job of seeing each room restored to a state of former glory.  They have worked tirelessly and the limited photos below really do not capture just how much work was involved!  (In fact, they are completely hopeless – next update will include some photos of each of the finished rooms – I promise!)

Adrian was back to complete the porch ceiling rose – cast from the original.

Our joiners, Steven and Ian, gave us yet more time to tie up a large number of loose ends, from finishing in the round room, to the pellet store hatch to the utility room and much more besides (including helping to hang the fabulous original mirror from the corridor!)

Mike was busy sorting out light fittings, trying to find a way to turn the original bath from being merely decorative to useful (still a WIP as he writes this!), finishing the kitchen tiling as well as ensuring we had an open fire ready for Christmas!

The weather has been a big factor over the last few months of the year, with an unseasonal early storm in October and snow to contend with by Boxing Day (minutes too late for an official white Christmas!)  As well as torturing our poor trampoline, the storm brought down some big branches from the central Beech trees and required a visit from our friendly tree surgeon, Grant, to tidy them up.  Processing the felled timber will have to wait for another day!

Elsewhere repairs to the garden walls continued, the plum trees were pruned following the bumper crop and weeding continued.

And last but not least, meet our phantom bell ringer, on Halloween (of all nights!):

Owl 2 - 29102017

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