April – June 2018

With better weather came a busier 3 months, boosted by the arrival of our very own digger and also Logan returning to push things along.  More gravel was needed – now up to 100 tonnes thus far – and Tony started repairing the walled garden walls with traditional lime pointing (or rebuilding in many cases).

The glasshouse was proving its worth once again, nurturing early strawberries (thanks Olga!) and giving our seedlings a good start (once we stopped the birds snacking on them….)

Progress in the small walled garden was nothing short of remarkable, with the structure all in place for the vegetable patches (including the bargain fruit cages) and even a small garden for Caleb.  The rebuilding of the garden stores took a major step in the right direction, underlining just how easy it is to build from scratch rather than renovate!

The small walled garden was also home to some ducklings, that had been very well camouflaged until breaking cover to steal the chicken’s food!

The better weather also opened up the possibility of enjoying the woodland – complete with bluebells and the kids’ first attempt at dens!

The tractor bay in the main walled garden progressed:

And then there were two huge projects – dropping the level of the garden wall outside the annex and re-routing the telephone cables.  The former involved manually lifting cope stones upwards of 180kg whilst the latter meant digging up our access track and putting a trench into the coachhouse.  The digger instantly proving its worth!

With all of the work above, it is very easy to let the other progress in the gardens – representing days of weeding, pruning, cutting and growing – slip by.  Cue 79 photos of the lawn, the fruit tree blossom, the borders, the wildlife, our feral bees, the roses… you name it!

We were also making reasonable progress inside.  The new en suite for the Walter Scott room is almost there (please excuse the lack of chronological order in these photos!)

As part of this work, Meg’s dressing room took a leap forward (despite it not looking like much… yet!)

Mike was determined that Caleb should be able to move into his new room on the top floor before he starts school.  As such, lots of wallpaper stripping, plaster repairing, new ceilings…

We also got the tiles up in the laundry, ready for fitting out the units and sink.

And the original chairs came back from the upholsterers (thanks Patricia and Colin!):

Leather chair - 19042018

The final job we managed to cram in before time ran out was the removal of the wall in the annex – a horrendous addition that needed to be removed before it fell down!

Finally, a number of stunning shots showing sunsets, rainbows and the mist lingering early one midsummer’s morning.




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