October – December 2018

After a lot of thought (and influenced in no small part by how successful the floors have been in the main house) we took the difficult decision to remove the annex floors ready for replacement with limecrete and underfloor heating.  Cue another 30 tonnnes of material to excavate by hand, a significant amount of underpinning to rescue existing walls built on, well, nothing, and a lot of original foundations to remove.  We also managed to save most of the slate and stone flagstones from the ‘kitchen’ area, which will be re-used in due course.

Staying in the annex, a few photos showing the current state of the internal structure…

Moving to the main house, there was progress in Meg’s dressing room as well as wallpaper removed from the top floor landing area.

And we even managed to reinstate the shutters in the hall window.

Outside, progress continued on the tractor bay:

And on the stores in the small walled garden:

We spent some happy days processing the damage from the early storm:

And even had an electricity outage to contend with:

Emilia was proving she had inherited some green fingers, with her pumpkins a notable success:

Wildlife is never far away, with the red squirrels making a return and a buzzard spotted in the garden.  And then the badgers even rewarded us with some intact stoneware pots following some digging of their own.

We did have some adverse weather to contend with… another storm saw the hen house take a tumble (thankfully with no hens inside) and torrential rain caused the river to break its banks again… to help with the latter we have started planting some fast growing willow in the worst affected areas…

We also took an afternoon to stretch our legs and walk up Cademuir hill, with these resulting photos of the house.

And to end this quarter, here are a couple of photos of the house getting ready for Christmas.  Who knows, maybe next year the stove will actually work!

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