January – March 2019

One of the main jobs at the start of the year was to get the limecrete slab in the annex floor finished.  Cue more digging out, levelling, blinding, and dumping the spoil followed by installation of the excellent sublime system (with underfloor heating!) from Ty Mawr.  A huge amount of effort to basically get back to what we started with!

We also discovered some interesting features in the annex wall which we have documented in case we work out what they were in the future:

With the focus on the annex floor, the main house took a back seat although we did manage to get some much needed curtains installed in the kitchen:

Progress was a bit more impressive outside, with the stores in the small walled garden coming along nicely:

And the Ha Ha getting a good going over with the digger.  It will be grass one day… promise!

A lot of prep work went into the garden with the acquisition of a polytunnel, some early lawn care, a lot of digging and weeding, and we even managed to prune the yew trees at the front.  The snowdrops were a bit late this year, but put on a wonderful show, closely followed by the daffodils.

We had a a few smatterings of snow to contend with, but nothing like the 4ft we were fighting last year:

And the wildlife continued to keep us company, with some ducks deciding that our driveway was a perfect place for a waddle, some hares choosing under the scaffold as a sensible place to convene and the red squirrels stealing every nut in sight!

And finally a stunning picture capturing the magical light on a cold February afternoon.

Purple sky - 23022019

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