July 2019 – September 2019

Another busy quarter (are there any others?) with the garden taking over once again:

The replacement stores in the Small Walled Garden also made progress, although much still to do!

One of the big jobs was to get the drainage sorted, cue a week in the digger and a lot of manual spadework too.

And Logan and Tony even managed to get more of the garden walls repointed (or should that be rebuilt…)

Mike fitted the new iroko door frame to the potting shed, albeit the door will have to wait for another day… or year!

The glasshouse proves its worth once again, with the water supply also fully tested (and then quickly shut off awaiting something of an overhaul).

Having identified the perfect location, we also made a start to Caleb’s tree house and then also got our first batch of honey from our bees!

Inside progress was rather less impressive, albeit started to pick up with both the laundry sink finished off and work starting on the top floor of the main house… more to follow!

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