October – December 2019

We’ll start outside before moving on to the excitement inside.  First up is the progress on the tractor bay  – half done, half to go:

The garden walls continued to be a source of many hours of hard work:

We continues to tackle the trench work to the Small Walled Garden to renew the drains and other services:

And the potting shed finally got some gutters as well as the floor drain connecting up to the main system:

And just to prove that all this drainage work is worth the effort, here is what will be the manhole alongside the track after a wet spell (and this is groundwater only!)

Track manhole - 06102019

We also started the long job of a first fix in the annex, with Stephen and Iain returning from Atina Developments:

Moving to the main house, we tackled the top floor, creating a bedroom and playroom for Emilia as well as refurbishing the landing and a number of the windows.  Thanks to Adrian & Sean for the expert plastering (AM Plastering) and Eddie & Scott for the decorating.

But perhaps the most exciting development was getting the fire in the round room up and running, including threading a 13m liner up a very awkward chimney (thanks Logan!)

Whilst all this was going on we even had a nocturnal visitor:

And a few atmospheric photos to finish, with some views from the roof (well, if you are up there you might as well…) and the mist sitting in the valley:

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