April – June 2020

Well, what an odd period to be trying to renovate a property!  Builder’s yards all shut, trades unable to be on site, our gardener locked-down in a different country and to top it off two small children to home school and entertain around the clock!  One could say progress was always going to be challenging given the circumstances, with the main achievement being keeping on top of the garden!

The initial focus was getting the seeds planted in the glasshouse, which rapidly filled up.  The hot weather in May meant we had to put up another blind (thanks Simon for sending it up so quickly!), and then it was all about looking after all of the seedings…

And then followed a lot of hard work in the veg garden – a new cage to protect the brassicas, the potatoes coming through strongly and lots of preparing the ground (with the new hand harrow – which is awesome!)

We did, however, lose one of the relatively new pear trees in the storms, as well as the main leader from the damson:

The roses got a significant tidy before the new growth came through:

And the rest of the garden was looking good as well (with the odd bit of frost damage):

And the wildlife wasn’t shy, either.  Some more welcome that others, and a special mention to Frank our friendly pheasant.

Elsewhere, there was some (limited) progress on the various outbuildings, and an interesting drainage issue by the coachhouse!

Speaking of drains, we finally found the outlet from the outbuildings… not a minor feat!

And even inside we managed to get Emilia’s curtains up (massive thanks to Jean) and made a small start on stripping the paint from the beautiful stone staircase.

And to finish off this lockdown special, some photos showing the bluebell woods and a stunning sunset,

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