Historic Photos

The following photos are from 1894 and are courtesy of Michael Ross, from a family album.  The first photo shows the front elevation of the House, taken from the field across the burn.  Of interest are the symmetric windows on the top floor (now remodelled into pairs), the absence of dormer windows, the height of the annexe roof (a second floor has been added) and the size of the yew trees.

Ross album 1 01-01(sent for ID 24.1.14). confirmed Hallyard

The second photo is again taken from the field across the burn,  this time capturing the original bridge and also the original fence detail.

Ross album 1 09-02 (sent for ID 11.2.14)

This photo is primarily of the statue of the Black Dwarf, but in the background one can see some aspects of the building that have changed:  the roof line above the drawing room, the addition of a chimney and the change in the downpipe design.  All very helpful in tracing the current design faults in the building!

Ross album 1 09-01 (sent for ID 8.2.14) confirmed Hallyard

The final photo of the house shows the coachman awaiting his passengers.  Again the detail of the downpipes can be seen, as can the cherry tree which has sadly had to be removed for the repairs to the harling.  The gravel finish to the drive should be fully restored later this year (2014).

Ross album 1 14-01(sent for ID 11.2.14)

And one bonus photo, of Manor Church complete with adjoining tennis court.

Manor Church

The next gallery of photos comes from a family holiday album, kindly shared by Gilly Sykes.  This shows the Sykes family visiting Hallyards in 1958 and captures details such as the original shape of the yew trees, the position of the benches (most of which are still here), a swing behind the statue of the Black Dwarf and use of a watering can that we still use today!  The wall being built is one that we have only just had to take down and rebuild… I wonder if a 60-year design life was in the original specifications…